Cata, Yury y Giaco arrive to National Television

In the last six months, Chile has faced many challenges, from the social upheavals necessary to create a more equal society for all citizens to the COVID-19 pandemic that has recently reached the shores of our beloved country. As we struggle to cope with the effects of COVID-19, wash our hands, maintain social distance, and practice quarantine measures, we become more isolated as individuals. This series of events has had a devastating effect on the workforce where many families are struggling while facing economic hardship. We hope that those who have resources will share resources with those who are less fortunate; Only through compassion will we survive these difficult times.

Through our videos we will share The Joy of Science through the adventures of Yury, Giaco and Cata, and we will give you some ideas about the experiments you can carry out in your home.

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Sundays at 13:55 hrs.

How can you  purchase the book The Joy of Science drugin the pandemic?

We live in a the era of a pandemic, so many stores are closed.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our book “The Joy of Science”, you can order it directly from Ciencia Al Tiro.

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